From concept to pre-industrialization

With us, you will find a structured, multidisciplinary team and effective means of comprehensively outsourcing your projects.
Our network of partners and experts complements our own areas of expertise.

Hardened products specialist

We have extensive experience with the technical domains and their standards.

Medical Devices     Submersible Waterproof Products

On-board Equipment in Vehicles     Technical Products

Design Expertise

  • User-centered design thinking (UX)
  • Product/transport and interface (UI) design
  • Strategic marketing culture
  • Visual identity
  • Software: 2D Adobe Suite, 3D SolidWorks, Rhino, Keyshot

Engineering Expertise

  • Researching inventive concepts to patent;
  • Mechanical design office;
  • Mastery of small-, medium-, and large-scale mass production processes;
  • 3D design of complex surfaces;
  • Structural dimensioning;
  • Approval for mass production of the product;
  • Software: Solidworks & Creo;

Agile Project Management

Project management in agile mode for faster, more efficient, more cost-effective results.

Organized Creativity Sessions

Discover just how creative your teams are! Our unifying, collaborative methods generate a large number of creative ideas for:

  • Creative problem-solving;
  • Imagining innovative concepts.

Fab Lab



Your project will be accelerated by the way our fab lab approaches prototyping, assays, and testing:

  • 150 m² fab lab;
  • 3D Printer;
  • Means of doing a variety of tests;
  • Machines for shaping soft materials;
  • Metal milling, turning and welding.

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    Located in the heart of the Enova technology area, in the immediate vicinity of the Toulouse Sud toll.

    Blanc Tailleur Design R&D

    112 Rue Cartier – 31670 LABEGE ENOVA

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    Tél. : 05 61 00 88 44