Supported by Blanc Tailleur from the design to the industrialization, FACOM and Cobrane designed this professional electric scooter.

It was created to revolutionize the transport of service technicians on industrial sites.

“JANUS de l’Industrie 2021” for the FACOM COBRANE EM.A


Facom Em.a Janus De L'industrie 2021 (fond uni)

Created by the ministerial order of November 13, 1953 and sponsored by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Attractiveness, the Industry Janus is an excellence label awarded by the French Institute of Design once a year based on 5 criteria: Economy / Aesthetics / Ergonomy / Ethics / Emotion. The label rewards industrials products offering a real benefit to the user thanks to a conception designed to create use value. It’s an official design label aknowledged by design professionals.

Blanc Tailleur was awarded the Industry Janus 2021 for its achievement with the FACOM COBRANE EM.A, thus rewarding their creative and innovative process to produce a design offering real use value to the user. The new electric scooter FACOM EM.A is a unique, agile and robust mobility solution with a great future ahead of it.

FACOM EM.A, the industrial mobility solution


FACOM and Cobrane Design were able to create the FACOM EM.A with Blanc Tailleur Design R&D’s support for the design.

This electric scooter still has a responsive and reliable handling thanks to its pendular steering and its entirely French production. EM.A is compatible with FACOM’s trunk range and can hold a weight up to 100kg in load to meet all the mobility needs of the service agents with an autonomy of 60km all while being 100% electric. This scooter is CE approved and is extremely secure thanks to its puncture-proof tires and safety speed restriction to 17 km/h.

The Journal des Entreprises dedicated an article to this contract between Cobrane Design and FACOM (article in French).

Cobrane Design, the electric scooter specialist


Cobrane Em A Tricycle électrique - Photo avant

A great success story for Cobrane, a startup supported by Blanc Tailleur Design R&D from the idea to the manufacturing.

Cobrane Design was created in 2012 by Raphaël Colombié hoping to build scooters specifically made for service agents on industrial sites.

The first version of the Cobrane tricycle was created in Raphaël Colombié’s garage. It was developped with Blanc Tailleur Design R&D, allowing to validate its industrialization. The Cobrane electric tricyles are easy to handle thanks to their patented steering system but they’re also very steady on both ascent and descent, even when fully loaded. It’s a vehicle specifically thought for service agents on production sites, allowing them to move quickly, safely, without polluting the site all while increasing their productivity .


Cobrane EM A - Photo arrière