The project

Smile! We see you!

Design a video door entry system for Otio by the HBF Group.

Attention to the semiology of forms and use tips made for a gratifying and intuitive product.

Consumer design otio portier video sketches

Consumer design otio portier video


Consumer design otio portier video CAD

Consumer design otio portier vidéo usage scénario

Logo Otio

The HBF Group has worked with Blanc Tailleur for many years. Over time, a trust relationship has developed between our teams.

The atypical profile of BT employees, marked as it is by experience in multiple industries, gives us a fresh perspective on the way we position our products; this point of view allows us to release products with quality design, which really sets us apart from the competition.

We appreciate the responsiveness of the team on sometimes very short projects, and would like to call attention its ability to adapt in terms of deliverables. Their ability to integrate norms and industrial constraints is a real plus because it allows us to significantly reduce design time for manufacturing. We have built a long-term partnership with BT that continues to grow.

Elodie Hernandez, Director of Communication and Customer Relations, HBF Group