Case Study


Goupil is the European leader in light electric utility vehicles with its G3 model, and wanted to replace its bestseller with a more efficient, more comfortable vehicle, the G4.

Blanc Tailleur has been collaborating with Goupil for several years and has defined the spirit of Goupil design since its purchase by Polaris.

The task set before Blanc Tailleur was to design to cost, in 9 months, the exterior, interior, and parts of the body of the vehicle.

extérieur et intérieur du véhicule ainsi que la conception des pièces de la carrosserie.


Polaris goupil G4 design transport electric creativity

Our collaborative method with Goupil was established with the concept-car design study, from its design to cost to the prototype development.

Polaris goupil G4 design transport electric design-thinking

Blanc Tailleur also advised the Goupil design office so that the wheel base was appropriate to an aesthetic design.

Polaris goupil G4 design transport electric sketches


Polaris goupil G4 design transport electric

The style of the G4 won unanimous support and unified Goupil/Mega as a company. The prototype confirmed the cost and practicality of the solutions.

Polaris goupil G4 design transport electric UI panel tableau de bord


Design and ergonomics appeal to users throughout the workday with these robust, comfortable, effective solutions.

Mission accomplished!

Logo Goupil

Customers were won over by the efficient, gratifying design of the G4! Commercial success was immediate, and sales volumes have risen to new levels.

Sylvain D., Director of the Goupil Industrie design office